AT National Association

ANAT has been committed to supporting scientific research for more than twenty years in order to be able to reach a cure as soon as possible, to promote early diagnosis and suitable therapies.

“Daria has five years, blue eyes and she receives infusions of immunoglobulins every month. Lucia has six years, she likes drawing and is fighting with leukemia. Salvatore has thirteen years, is a fan of Valentino Rossi and lives attached to oxygen. Simone has fifteen years, he loves Marco Mengoni and is in a wheelchair… Daria, Lucia, Salvatore and Simone are all united by the same disease: Ataxia Telangiectasia”

ANAT for more than twenty years is engaged in supporting the research, prevention and therapy of AT.

Our mission is to be able to arrive as soon as possible to a treatment and, where the treatment was not yet possible, to promote early diagnosis and therapies suitable for improving the life quality of children and their families.